KIESELMANN Produkt Katalog 2017 - Update 03/2020

KIESELMANN | FLUID PROCESS GROUP ► ► Design and execution consequently according to aseptic standard ► ► Hermetic separation of product area / surrounding area with the GEMBRA diaphragm technology in the stations ► ► Advanced PTFE diaphragm technology ► ► Pig and sealing materials generally with FDA conformity or FDA approval respectively ► ► Individual production adapted to your requirements or technical requirements respectively ► ► Economically best solution, because no steam is required for sterile lock ► ► Easy integration into existing process plants ► ► Closed launching and receiving stations, can be integrated in cleaning cycles ► ► Pig is carefully "parked" in the stations by means of a buffer system ► ► Flow guidance produces the best possible cleaning results in the stations ► ► Pig sensors located at the final positions or at the pipeline ► ► Pig transport by product / water / air ► ► Can be upgraded at anytime with KIESELMANN‘s automation components Aseptic-Duplex-Pig (also for hygienic stations) Pigging stations KIESELMANN Pigging Technology almost every field of application TECHNICAL DATA Hygienic Aseptic Dimensions: DN 25 – 100, 1“ – 4“ DN 40 – 65 Materials of pig: Materials of stations: EPDM (FDA), Silicone (FDA), FKM 1.4404 / AISI 316L Silicone (FDA) with migration test 1.4404 / AISI 316L Pressure rating: PN 10 – 16 depending on nominal width PN 6 Pig launching station (hygienic version) Aseptic pig launching station Aseptic pig receiving station Pig receiving station (hygienic version) ► ► Our Aseptic-Duplex-Pigs are seamlessly moulded from elastomers as full bodies in solid design. ► ► Magnets, encapsulated in stainless steel, for detection from outside, by means of magnetic- inductive sensors, are integrated as standard version in each pig. ► ► All types and materials are delivered with FDA conformity / FDA approval certificate. ► ► In addition to the KIESELMANN Aseptic-Duplex-Pig for high and highest demands, further types and materials are available for almost every application in the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. 7 PIGGING TECHNOLOGY