KIESELMANN Produkt Katalog 2017 - Update 40/2021

KIESELMANN | FLUID PROCESS GROUP ► ► Economical and environmentally friendly at the same time, due to minimization of the used quantities, logistic, waste and disposal costs ► ► Integrated self-cleaning during operation ► ► Driven by the medium, with extremely low pressure losses ► ► Position of the drive of the medium possible at the head as well as alternative drives outside the vessel ► ► Any fitting position, fix mounting or mobile application possible optionally ► ► Long-life, low-maintenance design ► ► Easy maintenance ► ► Use of high-quality materials ► ► Optimized flow of all inner parts Three-dimensional cleaning DUNOS O The DUNOS O series helps to remove incrustinations and critical deposits in a strong, quick and reliable way. Tailored to your requirements, you will achieve both an effective and efficient removal of all residues. This is rendered possible by the selection of the nozzle fitting as well as by the range of the operating pressures. The cleaner even reaches angled geometries and apparatus areas, which a con­ ventional rotational cleaner must give in. The DUNOS O series provides at any time for brilliant results regarding quality and economy. Small but strong Light and strong TECHNICAL DATA DUNOS O 50 DUNOS O 90 Spraying diameter: at 2 bar up to 5000 mm at 2 bar up to 8000 mm Pressure range: 1 – 15 bar Installation opening: min. 70 mm min. 130 mm Connections: G ¾ inner thread G 1 ½ inner thread Operating temperature: 5 – 95° C Materials: 1.4404 Special materials (optional): 1.4435, 1.4571, Hastelloy Surfaces: Ra ≤ 0,8 µm Certificates: ATEX, material certificate, further certificates upon request The complete inner surface is cleaned already after the first cycle. Any further cycle produces a closer meshed cleaning pattern and thus a more intensive cleaning. Jet pattern examples of DUNOS O Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 R 6 CLEANING TECHNOLOGY