KIESELMANN Produkt Katalog 2017 - Update 40/2021

KIESELMANN | FLUID PROCESS GROUP ► ► Individually designable spraying pattern ► ► Individually calculable flow ► ► High production quality ► ► Minimum clearance volume, self-cleaning ► ► Point jet with mechanical cleaning effect ► ► Effective cleaning of the targeted area in the vessel at every rotation (14 rotations a minute) ► ► ATEX certified ► ► Option: - Rotation monitoring - Inlet lance with connection to vessel TECHNICAL DATA Spraying diameter: at 2 bar up to 3000 mm Pressure range: 1 – 15 bar Installation opening: min. 50 mm Connections: G ¾ inner thread customer-specific Operating temperature: 5 – 95° C Materials: 1.4404 Special materials (optional): 1.4435, 1.4571, PTFE, Hastelloy Surfaces: Ra ≤ 0,8 µm Certificates: ATEX, material certificate Rotating nozzle spraying head DUNOS RB The DUNOS RB , such as the DUNOS O series, is hydraulically driven over a turbine. The nozzle produces a high cleaning effect, even in case of very low mass application. Due to an individually adjustable spraying pattern and flow quantity, the rotational cleaner achieves highest efficiency in any task. Its application focus is particularly in fields where a big effect must be reached with low mass, e.g. when an agitating vessel has to be rerinsed from batch to batch. Reactor cleaner Batch-to-batch cleaner R 6 CLEANING TECHNOLOGY