KIESELMANN Produkt Katalog 2017 - Update 18/2021 - Preise

KIESELMANN | FLUID PROCESS GROUP GEMBRA Double Seat Valves – the Strongest Argument for Aseptic Process Reliability Diaphragm breach monitoring High hygiene safety due to dead-space free housing Simple and quick seal exchange Dead-space free location of the CIP/SIP shut off valves at the leakage area Contamination free aseptic function due to diaphragm seal Metallic diaphragm support compensates pressure shocks up to approx. 30 bar and ope- rating pressure up to approx. 8 bar (depending on nominal widths) Easy to clean PTFE seal materi- al offers a medium independent universal application Contamination and blending resistant separation of adverse me- dia due to safety room and leakage room between the two process lines Pressure shock resistant up to 30 bar Temperature monitoring with PT 100 available for the steam barrier GEMBRA double seat valve with PT 100 Housing types: Double seat routing valves, doube seat tank outlet valve A 5 ASEPTIC VALVES GEMBRA